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2 Hrs Dubai

Are you eager to explore other cultures through the lens of its people? hear of stories about people from other cultures? Do you want to authentically connect with others? Come and join us at the next series of Zaha Experience: Tathawaq and Shifa. Each is a 2-hour experience shared with 8 people coming from different cultures and backgrounds; hopefully, you have never met them before.

  • Liliana is a beautiful soul from the states with Italian roots, but within herself, she carries the warm of Morocco, Oman and few other places she has been to.
  • To make the best of our experience, we have put a set of rules: • No religion/politics related discussions Be on time • Mobiles left in a basket during the experience • The experiences are documented for learning purpose. • People leave when the bell rings and don’t bring anything

“As someone who travels frequently (sometimes once a month or more) I try to take tangibl memories and experiences with me from each of my trips. One of my favorite things to preserv memory is to learn how to cook a dish from the country that I have visited. In places that are de to my heart - Morocco, Italy, and a few others - I have mastered several dishes and plan t become even more involved with the cuisine over time.

For other countries that I have only had the privilege to visit once, I try to learn how to make sauce or condiment. This Experience will capture some of the different wonderful magic sauc and concoctions I have learned how to make during my travels - coconut sambol from Sri Lank preserved lemons from Morocco, and more. more details on the Food for the Soul soon”

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